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Must be tasty.
I got 2 blue poppies & the plugs grew quite nicely.
5 inches high & ready for transplanting in front garden.
One night ....gone.
After transplanting in the front (optimism) they grew again. I do go snail & slug hunting late at night & missed a session. You guessed it...eaten again. Pelets can kill birds... so is garlic a good idea? I don't like the smell

Chancing my arm on.....delphiniums too



Our berberis was absolutely decimated by small snails for the 1st time this year. I have caught a mountain of slugs in the garden & on our drive. The centre bed is slightly raised surrounded by pebbles. pebbles not enough of a deterrent. I do eat half a grape fruit for breakfast. are they for earwigs? Never collected b4. Too bulky for compost. And thats where my egg shells went. I can still see them!!
Yellow poppies are untouched but the blue are munched.......twice

22 Jul, 2014


Ah that's gastropods for you. I have had similar problems with them this year too. There are wool pellets that aren't too bad and recently a new one that makes them stop eating and crawl away into nooks and crannies to die. They decompose in these hidey holes and the birds don't tend to find them. According to the blurb on the box they are wildlife friendly.

I do go slug/snail hunting most nights and I am amazed at how big some of these slugs are.

22 Jul, 2014


My daughter tried the wool pellets and they just fluffed up when wet and made a terrible mess. I love wildlife but hate slugs and snails so use green pellets sparingly.

22 Jul, 2014


I have a wee wall at the front that has got a few gaps in the mortar/brick work in really wet weather i get snails by the ton...nothing is tasty ib the immediate vicinity,,,,berberis is nearest

22 Jul, 2014


The only thing i can suggest for plants which are prone to slug attack is to put the pots in a large drip tray but use those plant pot feet or a brick to raise the pot up, then fill the drip tray with water and keep it filled.
Hostas, ligularias and other water loving plants can be just put directly in the water

Care must also be taken that no part of the plant must touch anything else as slugs will happily climb up things to get to your prize plants.

I found the wool pellets to be absolutely useless but try beer traps....they do work but clean out regularly as the smell of dead slug in old beer on a hot day is truly unforgettable !!!!!

23 Jul, 2014


Went out hunting...
New plants munched 6 inch high Achilea Cassis

23 Jul, 2014


Cut the berberis back again. Leaves growing normally.
Saw a frog in back garden after rain. Hope they don't eat plants

27 Jul, 2014

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