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I have been growing trailing Petunias in my baskets for the last few summers.I get them up 14"trailing.Some baskets i see them up to2'&3' trailing.c an somebody tell me the secret please

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Larger baskets for one thing, but the real difference is usually feed and water, though conditions make a difference too - a basket in half sun half shade does better than one in full sun. Feed should be something with an NPK of 6-6-6 (Miracle Gro liquid General Purpose is the closest I've found), watering should be night and morning in hot dry weather, and feed every 3/5 days.

14 Jun, 2010


Mine are in 16" baskets I pinch out the first leader and feed every 2 weeks, water every evening and dead head most days. The great thing is not to knock into them and avoid them just dropping straight over so I plant lobelia trailer in the underside of the basket and this seems to support the heavy trails.

14 Jun, 2010

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