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I saw these lovely seed pods today whist out walking and would love to know what flower they are from, any ideas would be welcome.

Seedpod Seedpod2



They are poppy seed heads and will be filled with millions of seeds, which can, of course, be used in cooking

10 Aug, 2014


They are poppy seed pods.

They have already dropped their seed by the looks of them.

The holes have opened.

The seeds fall out when shaken.

As to which of the many types of poppies, I have no idea, the pods all look the same.

10 Aug, 2014


Somniferum and paeonyflorum varieties are edible and you don't know what variety these are so its best to just plant the seeds and not eat them!

10 Aug, 2014


Hi, I think these are P somniferum, but I would still not eat the seeds, Derek.

10 Aug, 2014


How can you tell Derek, they all look so similar to me.

10 Aug, 2014


Hi Sue, the leaves on these is less 'ferny' looking, more rounded and waxy, there is no way of telling by the seed pod alone, Derek.

11 Aug, 2014


Thank you Derek. I have some huge orange annual ones with glaucous waxy leaves - could they be somniferum then? I thought they were small ones.

12 Aug, 2014


Hi Sue, yes they sou d like P somniferum, they grow to about 4ft, with a spread of about 12 inches, Derek.

12 Aug, 2014


That's interesting, I had no idea. I don't bake with poppy seeds anyway as they usually just fall off poppy seed bread when its cut, but its nice to know.

12 Aug, 2014

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