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Cyclamen indoor or out?
I bought a little one in flower last week and some leaves are yellowing. I will plant out but the rain has been hammering down. I saw an article to keep them out of full sun. Not for a rock garden then? One looks a wee small under a tree, but you might not see one under a bush.
On the kitchen window sill at present

On plant Cyclamen



depends on the species as to wether it goes outside or not. Some like hederifolium/coum are fully hardy. then there is the 'rainbow' series sold now for planters etc that will come through a mild winter in the ground.

They like woodland margins or light shade.

13 Aug, 2014


"a little one in flower " sounds rather like the garden centres 'mini-cyclamen'. These are varieties of the large household Cyclamen persicum. They are fine outside for most of the year but I find that they do not survive many winters. I suspect that they are mainly intended for bedding but can be kept going if kept in pots and not allowed to freeze in winter. In the wild they are to be found in sites exposed to the full sun in places like Cyprus.

14 Aug, 2014


There are hardy ones for the garden borders, lots of pictures on here from various members but Bjs has lots in his pots and hot houses of various ones. Well worth having a look at his pictures. I do like to see the colourful ones that the g.c. has in just now, put them out in tubs and boxes and they really extend the flowering season, but never last through the winter outdoors, but they are so inexpensive and well worth it for the various colours and foliage colour you can get. Well I think so. lol :O) but I am a sucker for bright colours.

14 Aug, 2014

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