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I have bought a lot of General Purpose Compost this yr. Oddly enough both were J Arthur Bower Quite different in texture. One had Added John Innes one did n't. The one with is new so I have no idea how it will turn out. The one without JI was full of all kinds of stuff. Bit of sand in both is great. What is the escential difference? I used both for plugs....



John Innes compost is comprised of 7 parts sterilised loam, 3 parts peat and 2 parts sharp sand (except for the seed and ericaceous ones) with some nutrients added. J. Arthur Bowyers ordinary general purpose contains bark fines, composted green waste, limestone and nutrients, with some peat unless you've bought peat free.

Essentially, modern, standard potting composts are made principally out of rubbish - hot composted green waste and bits of wood, with either very little or no peat, which is why most of us complain that its all lumpy and needs sieving before use. Adding 20% John Innes helps to give it a more 'soil like' and friable feel.

16 Aug, 2014


The all purpose is more fibrous & randomy. Thats where my pottery,glass, rusty nails & shredded plastic & lumps of wood come from!!

16 Aug, 2014

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