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Vintage dolly tub. I was very excited to get my hands on an old dolly tub which I intend to plant up with tulip bulbs this autumn. Question is do I fill the whole tub with compost or could I get away with putting some stones, pebbles for drainage in the bottom? Was hoping to use those bulb planting trays. My worry is that once dolly tub has been filled with compost I won't be able to move it ever again!! Any advice greatly appreciated.




Well, I certainly would not fill the whole thing! It's huge. Put a lot of broken crocks or broken up polystyrene in first.I never fill the whole of any pot, let alone something as big as that .I have grown tulips in quite small pots.

22 Aug, 2014


If it hasn't got any, you'll need to put drainage holes in the base. Putting stones won't make it any lighter than just compost - use multi purpose compost (its lighter) and add perlite or vermiculite to lighten it further.

22 Aug, 2014


Hi, I would make some holes in the bottom for drainage, fil to within about 8 inches of the top with broken pieces of ploystyrene, put a piece of weed suppressing membrane over the polystyrene to stop the compost falling into the bottom, thenfill to within 2 inches of the top with multi purpose compost, plant your bulbs, and if necessary top up the compost, Derek.

22 Aug, 2014


Derek-I think that's a perfect solution! Thank you for that. Never been the one for practical solutions so your suggestion hugely appreciated. :)

22 Aug, 2014

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