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I sent off for a pack of bearded iris and rec'd 12 individually packed in polythene bags. The smell was like mouldy spuds. I could see 1 was a bit squishy. If I wash them & cut off the mushy root/stems is that going to be OK or is it too late.?I think I will pot up in groups of 3 but keeping stuff dry is key. Any ideas please? All plants are trimmed & have nice roots.

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Personally I'd contact the company you bought them from and complain. It is not good practice to send out rhizomes in poly. bags

15 Sep, 2014


They are resending. I had some bulbs from them today with breathe holes in great condition.

15 Sep, 2014


The smell is from "soft rot".....seems odd no one noticed it their end!!
10% bleach wash n dry.....alternative copper fungicide is a no as I have none

15 Sep, 2014


Not sure I'd want them anywhere near my garden if they have soft rot. I could be wrong but I think it is possible for it to spread to other plants.

15 Sep, 2014


I think I will wait for the replacements. All roots are OK but perhaps the stems were shortened too much. The rot can be spread by tools , overcrowding & watering!! 5 inch pots me thinks...Dunking chief offender in diluted bleach!!

15 Sep, 2014


Replacements came today. Out of 12 Iris 10 were OK. 1 was isolated in its own pot. 1 went straight into the bin !!
So I had 24 in the end. -1 23. 6 left to plant. I will keep you posted. Diluted bleach did work...but I have no idea if the rhysome will survive

24 Sep, 2014


One of the Iris plants in "isolation" has gone grey!!!!
The company gave me a refund. I will post how many make it

7 Oct, 2014


Signs of growth on one or two....even on ones in "hospital". Slow progress

17 Oct, 2014

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