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I have new daffodils this year. For 10 bulbs is a 2 gallon pot OK & is that the same as a 9 inch pot?

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No a 2 gallon pot is bigger than a 9" pot but it also depends on the depth. A typical builders bucke2 gallons.
As for 10 daffs it depends on which type it is , tete a tete would be swamped but the larger species/varieties would be fine.

20 Sep, 2014


No idea, Bramhill - I'm hoping someone does. The depth and shape of the container makes a difference too - sloping sides, narrower at the bottom, or straight sides and the same diameter at the bottom, or wider bottom than top...

20 Sep, 2014


Ah, we cross posted...

20 Sep, 2014


White Lion 14 inches tall.
Bima & Cheerfulness 20
Others 16/18
I have big ones growing in the lawn for 10 yrs or pots there

21 Sep, 2014

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