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By Eirlys

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

"George" my lovely houseplant has the dreaded Mealybug.

My husband has sprayed it, without success.

I keep an eye on the plant and deal with the mealybugs I find but they return.

Does anyone have a cure, please?

My thanks



Just keep a good watchful eye on them and paint any you see with meths. This works for root mealy bug too but in a bad attack you have to wash the soil off to find them all and remember to wash out the pot as well. if you do it regularly you should win.

23 Sep, 2014


Dab them with meths. You can use a cotton bud or a little stick.
Then treat the plant with Provado Vine weevil killer, because that will kill them and other bugs aswell.

23 Sep, 2014


+1 for meths ^^^^

23 Sep, 2014


Isn't it nice when we all agree? I use a little artist's water colour brush, left over from childhood (never throw anything away...)

23 Sep, 2014


What in the world is "meths"? I can't seem to find any reference to it. :/
My own favored treatment for stubborn cases--such as on my Hindu Rope--is to immerse the plant in a solution of carbaryl, plus a non-ionic surfactant.

23 Sep, 2014


"Meths" is methylated spirits, or methyl alcohol.

23 Sep, 2014


Take a clean cutting to make George Jr. and kiss George Sr. Goodbye.

24 Sep, 2014


Right! I'll have a go with Meths. (Actually used this to scrub Older Son's neck when he was a teenager!!!)

Boggybottom: Can't possibly do that. George Senior is an old friend and I hang on to my old friends! :O)

Thanks, everyone.

(Wonder if perfume would work until I get Meths? George would probably die of shame if I used Chanel 5!)

24 Sep, 2014


Tug the good thing about using meths is that it isn't an insecticide so there is no problem about contaminating anything. It is also a great deal cheaper than commercial insecticides. Look for it under the name of denatured alcohol.

24 Sep, 2014


You didn't say what type of plant George is, Erilys ...

24 Sep, 2014


Nail varnish remover is acetone and will do similar to meths.
Can I suggest you spray with a systemic insecticide so the bugs feed on the sap which will then be poisoned. 2 pronged attack :o)

24 Sep, 2014


It's a Dracaena plant, Hywel. I've just taken a photograph but there's no facility here to post it ; might try the Blog section.

I've got nail varnish remover, Seaburngirl, and Other Half says he has some meths . Will try the latter first and keep the other in mind.

Thanks again.

26 Sep, 2014


Aha! So that's what it is! We usually use rubbing alcohol (2-propanol) here, but it can damage leaves. I wonder if meths is a little safer that way?

1 Oct, 2014


I've used meths for two sessions and I can see an improvement already! Great advice. Thanks.

2 Oct, 2014


Not seen any damage from meths on cacti Tug, which is where I've used it.

2 Oct, 2014


Thank you, Steragram!

7 Oct, 2014


Come to think of it you paint it on to each insect or clump of eggs with a small brush so hardly any meths would come into contact with the plant itself.

7 Oct, 2014


George seems to be thriving on the treatment. Is there such a thing as an alcoholic Dracaena?

Thanks to ALL here. Have posted image and comments in my blog section, if anyone is interested.

8 Oct, 2014


Whew!! Too much "ring" in that bathtub gin, Eirlys! :D

9 Oct, 2014

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