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Hi at last done the pond look good but the water is dirty looking we did it on Thursday and it poured with rain so some mud went in from garden you no what I mean dribbled in ...will this clear or what can I do ...thankyou ...



A new pond can take quite a long time to settle down and clear - patience is the thing at present.

11 Oct, 2014


The mud will sink to the bottom in time. patience as mentioned is needed. You will also find the water will green up and in 6 weeks it will clear with out adding anything to the water. However you can buy stuff to get it to clear quicker but I'd just wait it is better for the health of the pond.

11 Oct, 2014


Agree with all of the above - best to let it be and let nature take its course. Perhaps you should look at the construction of the pond surround - if you have had a problem with soil washing into the pond it may well happen again during our winter rains - best to try to prevent that.

11 Oct, 2014


Thankyou that's a relief to no it will clear up I'd like it to be natural at the most I've only got one lily in there I had off friend can you tell me what others are good for it and to oxygenate it its not very big so can't have too much be a wildlife pond at mo if anything will come to it ...I've got slabs on top of the lining its pretty secure but what can I put to prevent anymore mud going in if it will ...I may put my fish in next year I think it be to cold now it is a cold water fish a shubunkin...and I want a fountain been looking on Amazon there so many I'm confused if smone can help lol x

12 Oct, 2014


I'm not sure about putting the fish in, but you could easily get a jamjar of frogspawn from another pond in the spring to give it a start for wildlife. That's how I started mine and now have dozens of frogs returning every spring (usually Feb) to spawn. I have left tiny gaps under the fences so they can get in and out of the garden and into other people's!

12 Oct, 2014


Agree with Pennyfarthin, I put fish in my first pond and regret doing it. I made a second pond without fish and it was more of a joy with frogs, newts, dragonflies, pond skaters all naturally colonising it.

13 Oct, 2014


Hi chapman33 I am going to leave the pond settle I think its clearing now I won't add any conditioners etc let it sort itself out like the other friends have said ...I no it will go green like said and go better I hope then...I want to put some plant in I've got lily in at mo it not big pond so what plants can I put in to give oxygen and also look nice...and put a fountain in too it will have to be solar though I can't do all that electric stuff big shubunkin is in a 90 l tank so I suppose he stay there now ...thankyou for your help ..more the better lol x

14 Oct, 2014


Just to encourage you Sharon, our pond has just cleared after about three months. if you are in a hurry to get oxygenators the quickest growing is Canadian pondweed. Advice is usually not to use it but if you are prepared to keep pulling it out it does the job. Others are more decorative but take longer to grow - ask your garden centre what they have and what they would recommend for the size of pond you have. You might like to float some Frogbit on the surface if your lily only covers part of the surface - again it spreads fast but you can pull it out easily. If you want the interest of fish try sticklebacks, they are so interesting, and you can still class your pond as a wildlife one.. When its mating time the male makes a nest with a little corridor through the middle. Then he swims off to find a female and chases her through the nest.
She lays eggs on the way through and he swims after her and fertilises them. The he stays by the best fanning fresh currents of water though it until the eggs hatch. What does the female do? NOTHING"!! I sat one day (years ago) and watched it happen.

Re the mud, the bottom will silt up anyway, don't worry about it.

14 Oct, 2014

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