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I have a mossy piece of turf in my garden that doesnt get much sun. Can I lay gravel over it without digging it up if I put a weed control membrane underneath the gravel? I am on my own so to dig up a 40 x 40 ft piece turf will be hard going. And I will have to dispose of the turf. Any suggestions or advice please? Thanks



Hi Gillywigs and welcome to GoY you would be far better to remove the mossy turf before you lay the weed membrane. You can turn the turves upside down in a stack and allow them to rot down for 5 years or so - you will then have wonderful loam. Oh and whilst the weed membrane will stop, for a short while, the weeds growing from below the weeds that sow into the gravel will still grow and need pulling out. Within a few years the membrane will start to deteriorate and the weeds will be back with a vengeance!

22 Jun, 2010


Thanks for your response.
I thought it would be a better idea to dig it up but was hoping for an easier option! I think in the long term you are right. I have to say GoY is great. I only found it last night whilst looking for pics of gravel gardens on the net. Thank you for welcoming me!

22 Jun, 2010

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