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By Cestina

South Bohemia, Czech Republic Cz

Technical question:
How do I keep track of answers appearing on someone else's question? I'm fed up with scrolling back miles to find the question again to see if it has received an answer! There must be a better way :-)



Remember the question number, and at the bottom of every question is "Answered before". Put the number in and it will take you there.

6 Jul, 2010


When you reply to a question it will show up on your "home page" if anyone else answers after you!

6 Jul, 2010


Thanks to both for this - I can't see an "Answered before" anywhere? Nor do I see a space to enter the number?

I realise that if I reply it will then show up on my homepage but there was a question about everlasting sweetpeas that I needed the answer to myself! So I didn't appear on it. I have now added my own comment so that it will bob up on my homepage if more info comes in.....

6 Jul, 2010


Cestina, i've just 'searched' on here, the subject 'everlasting sweetpeas' and .... i 'think' the item your after popped straight up.
In the 'search' button at the top of the page you can enter 'everlasting sweetpeas' and see if this works for you and specific questions and/or subjects you've seen but lost.

6 Jul, 2010


Another good idea Louise, I never thought of that! Lol

6 Jul, 2010


Thanks Louise - I tried that yesterday and didn't find it but I now see that I searched for everlasting sweetpea rather than peas and if I put the plural it does appear.....:-)

6 Jul, 2010


That's good, problem solved then :-))

6 Jul, 2010

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