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Am i underwatering or is there a bigger issue? Also the new leaves producing are very light in color. Any help on how to rescue would be appreciated.




id say not enough water and not enough sun . maybe repotting but im know expert .

10 Jan, 2015


It could be caused by hot air or drafts,
however if the new leaves are pale it could be caused by too little light, or a nutrient deficiency in the soil.

I would repot it and put it in a light place, away from drafts and hot dry air.

10 Jan, 2015


Should i cut the brown parts off before repotting?

10 Jan, 2015


You can if you like. Those leaves will probably die off eventually anyway.
I'd leave the green parts though, because they'll make food for the plant until some fresh leaves grow :)

10 Jan, 2015


Thank you so much !!! Off to the store for a bigger pot and fertilized potting soil :-)

10 Jan, 2015


Good Luck !
Let us know how the plant does ...

10 Jan, 2015


Remember to that the fertilizer in most potting composts only lasts for about six weeks or so while the plant is growing, so from time to time a little feed with a general purpose liquid feed would be a good idea. Not sure if the room looks so dark because of contrast with a photo flash, but more light, possibly out of much direct hot sunlight may be a good idea too.

10 Jan, 2015


So i repotted and trimmed the dead ends of the leaves. How is the best way to determine when to water? I feel like maybe i shouldnt own plants lol

17 Jan, 2015


.put your finger in up to the first joint and as long asit feels damp its fine . if not water it . failing this you can buy little ceramic things in garden centres that go in the soil and you can tell at a look if the soil is dry or not .

18 Jan, 2015


If it feels dry, it probably needs water. It's best not to over water plants.

18 Jan, 2015

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