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Having lost the box,the bottle says to use 2ml per 1metre,for clearing rough ground.Can someone please tell me how many ml, per litre ? for spot use in a spray bottle ?( I need to get rid of a few deep rooted weeds )
I think those instuctions must have been on the outer box.!



Sorry, don't have any, but if you put roundup instructions into google, you should find it somewhere there

8 Jul, 2010


Thank you Bamboo. I have followed your advice and found the answer I was needing.Perhaps other members might be interested to know that by buying a five litre container of Roundup It cost only half the price of buying 1 litre.( by 5 )
I know that one litre is a lot,but by sharing with my daughter we have more than enough for two or three years.
Those smaller containers with 250 ml are even more expensive than buying a litre which is not normally to be found at the garden centers.
I bought on the net from a company called 'Pitchcare'

9 Jul, 2010

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