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rowan tree


By Paul1

United Kingdom Gb

hi we recently planted a rowen tree on a retail park it looks dead but is still green under the bark it has had plenty of water through the summer but the buds have failed to open, unfortunately it has been run over by something but we maneged to put it back in do you think it will survive



Sounds like a disaster! I would be surprised if it did survive but stranger things have happened. Give it a feed of blood, fish and bone to boost it - then cross your fingers! Good luck.

31 Jul, 2008


Yes, it can be done. I have stood up croton bushes which had been fallen over since they were pruned lopsided. As long as you support it at the base and put more earth around it where it needs it. One of my children jumped through a young catalpa tree, which had forked in the centre and one side broke, but not completely off. I put them together, binded them with cotton sheeting and voila, a year later they'd grown together again! If the roots and bark are still ok, and not come off all around, your chances are good.

1 Aug, 2008


Sorry, I forgot. Your tree has been in state of shock and therefore the buds probably failed to open. As long as there is green under the bark, it is still alive.

1 Aug, 2008

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