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Caerleon Alpine garden show feb 14th 2015

Is any one planning on going?
I went last year but due to the atrocious weather didn't manage to meet up with any one I know from GoY. I bought some wonderful plants and so far I think I have only lost a little iris. Slugs got it :o(



where is it located?

23 Jan, 2015


Caerleon is in South Wales.
If the weather is clement then we will probably go. Last year was impossible for us, we we stuck in.

23 Jan, 2015


damit I live too far the looks of weather in the uk I think Its going to be good but freezing temperatures. I suggest you guys wear lots of layers:)

23 Jan, 2015


for me its a 41/2 hr drive from east Yorkshire and last year my daughter was still at uni there. I will then go on to Frome and spend the rest of the weekend with her.

I remember Owdb you were flooded around Worchester and couldn't make it. I was looking forward to meeting you.

23 Jan, 2015


Same weekend as Scotland v Wales 6 Nations Rugby so I will be heading in the opposite direction.

23 Jan, 2015


is that important then Urbanite?

I have my B&B booked and then I will pootle to Frome to see my eldest girl and bimble back on the Sunday stopping at Webbs of Wychbold for a peruse just in case I have any money left.

If any of you do decide to go and fancy meeting up let me know.

26 Jan, 2015


If we go and the weather is good we will probably go to the Weir Garden near Hereford to look at the snowdrops there.
Amazing how often Webbs needs to be called in at, toilet break you know, wink wink.

26 Jan, 2015


Important????? Scotland v Wales / Wales v Scotland - the only match that really matters.

26 Jan, 2015


That's what I meant a peruse of the penny spending facilities ;o)

Still don't see the importance Urbanite :o)))
I come from a very 'non ball' orientated family, strange as I have 3 brothers but non of them like any form of football. FA cup 1973 Sunderland vs Leeds all of us were sorting mum's garden. we knew when we'd scored a goal the roar from the neighbours was incredible.

27 Jan, 2015


It is Rugby Union anyway, girl's game. Now if it was Rugby League................

27 Jan, 2015


I find rugby league too frustrating - 5 tackles and start agin! It's a wonder anyone ever scores. FA cup, SBG - what's that? ?

Soon be cricket season - hoping for some cricket weather this year - preferably not of the monsoon variety!

27 Jan, 2015


'Francis Adams' cup??? or some such hehe

28 Jan, 2015

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