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Re-potting Hosta


By Ness1

United Kingdom

When is it best to re-pot the Hosta Fortunei? Mine looks very pot bound with its roots comming out the bottom of the pot. Its just finished its first set of flowers

On plant Hosta fortunei



If all you are doing is putting the plant in a bigger pot without disturbing the roots too much, then you may repot them as and when you choose.

1 Aug, 2008


I would wait til Autumn and take it out chop it up and replant the pieces in new pots.

1 Aug, 2008


If going down that route, I would personally do it in early spring just as it starts to shoot. In general, small plants tend to resent sitting around in large amounts of cold compost over winter

1 Aug, 2008


I've read that what Andrewr said is probably the best time, in early spring just as you start to see new growth coming up.

6 Jan, 2009

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