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By Taurman

Cork, Ireland Ie

Hi Folks,
Have some bareroot hedging to put in before March when the weather permits but cannot move from mud at moment. I am also intending to put in some cherry laurel hedge in a seperate part of garden. There is some mature cherry laurel hedge nearby and wondered if I take some cuttings from it will it grow if I stick it in the ground? I have seen people prepare the ground and cover with weed barrier for hazel and willow and then stick the cuttings through the barrier and that works for those plants. My rsearch does not indicate whether the same goes for the cherry laurel. Trying to avoid the palava of digging trenches all over the place as have been doing it and it's a bit brackbreaking in my conditions. Does anybody have experience of it? Regards



Not likely to work I'm afraid, but you've nothing to lose by trying. Recommended method is to take semi ripe cuttings in summer, or collect the berries and grow from seed, sowing in spring, assuming its the basic Prunus laurocerasus and not a fancy cultivar. Layering might work, never tried it with these, but you'd need branches quite low to the ground - carefully notch or peel back a bit of bark and peg down into the ground.

29 Jan, 2015


Thanks Bamboo, looks like its elbow grease, effort and patience then. Will keep me warm in this weather. BW

30 Jan, 2015

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