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Will a Stephanotis regrow its leaves after losing them in a coldish room over the winter ?
My two lovely plants were housed in an unused and unheated room within the house, from Dec until now,and every leaf has yellowed and fallen.They did not dry out.



Yellowing/dropping leaves could be due to low temperatures or overwatering.
Bringing into an inhabited room now might help. Stand it on a gravel tray to provide some humidity (water the gravel until water is just visible). water the plant by plunging into a bowl of water and letting it drain before placing back on the gravel.
Give it a foliage feed now and let it get its breath for a few weeks then repot it.
They needs lots of light (but not direct sunlight), humidity and warmth - probably not a good idea to put it in an unheated room over winter but they do appreciate a bit of a rest so a room that has a radiator on low would suit.

Let us know how it gets on - lovely plants when they fill a room with perfume.

16 Mar, 2015


Thank you so much Urbanite for your speedy reply. I will follow your advise and let you know if they survive.

16 Mar, 2015

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