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By Turts

huddersfield, west yorkshire, United Kingdom


My father has/had a passiflora. Looks like the relatively common white an pink flowered one. About 10 - 15ft in spread across a south facing aspect. Always grown and flowered and fruited

It seems to have died after this long winter

any advice, is it dead for instance. It has become 'woody' and looks very dead

any help would be fantastic

On plant Passiflora



I think it is unfortunately most probably dead if there are no signs of growth by now. White and blue is the commoner form by the way (Passiflora caerulea) though other selections of this species and hybrids have other shades with pink included.

The white flowered form is supposed to be slightly hardier though only by degree (pardon the pun) and I think this last winter, especially in early January has seen a lot of plants all over the country fail.

15 Jul, 2010


extremely kind of you to answer my question Fractal, thanks

15 Jul, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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