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how to look after hibscus

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

i have planted some Hibiscus there growing lovely but i bought them with no info on them ,my question is when do they flower and for how long also do i prune them when they've finished flowering

On plant Hibiscus

Hibscus Hibiscus



I don't suppose you know which one? There are a few types.

16 Jul, 2010


no sorry i dont they could all be different there's three, me and my bargins lol

16 Jul, 2010


Presumably it's not flowerd yet but neither have mine so look to see if there's a bud or two. Whatever the variety it's a lovely shrub, well behaved and tidy but I've found they don't like being disturbed and prefere a dry spot.

17 Jul, 2010


Mine has not flowered yet, I agree they hate being moved but they like the sun

17 Jul, 2010


thanks everyone

17 Jul, 2010


Ah, Hibiscus syriacus. No need to prune except removal of thin weedy growth. Hardy but late into leaf. Best in sheltered sunny site to maximise growth and get it to flower in our summer.

17 Jul, 2010


hi fractal thank you for the advice, there's a small bud forming it looks red ??this is the one thats nearly 6ft, the other's in my pic's are more compact and busher lol my spelling the pits lol

17 Jul, 2010

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