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I have grown potato bags this year for the first time. I have just emptied the first bag and only got about half a pound of potatoes. I was under the impression that I could expect up to 20 of pounds of spuds from each bag.
Could anyone let me know what may have gone wrong as I fed, watered and built up the soil in each bag as instructed.
I would say that there did seem to be a lot of top growth.



its possible potato bags are some sort of gymic excuse my spelling . its getting very fashionable now the grow upside down in a gag type idea . i cant say ive herd of them but unless you ore anyone knows better id say

17 Jul, 2010


We tried growing potatoes in special bags last year as well as in the soil. The results were less than impressive. Given that you can only put about 3 potatoes in the bag and that a good yield from an early potato is 2 pound then the most you are likely to get in 6 pound.

Potatoes grow best in the ground - they do not need feeding, though the soil should have been well manured the previous winter. Feeding when they are growing will encourage leaf growth it will not make for bigger tubers.

Potatoes in particular like to grow in full sun so, unless you had your bags somewhere very sunny this will have been one of the problems. Equally they need far more water than you think, where you live there has been a heatwave and a drought. Unless you have watered them every day there is your second problem.

NP I too wonder if this isn't just a way of making money on the part of the companies that sell these bags. I do know some GoYers seem to use them successfully though!

17 Jul, 2010


ow me to for sure with the strawberries and herbs there great . potatos its just not realy going to happen . these companies thrive on young people or people who have started wanting a new garden after watching a show . this is wear i come in and got interest but thats another story .in all walks of life there are people making money on rubbish that they sell . i guess wear theres an opertunity theres an opertunist .just got to read between the lines sometimes

17 Jul, 2010


Hi all, some of us grow potatoes in bags so we dont have to /or we cant dig them up. Also at least by growing spuds in bags you can find them all!!!! Whenever I grow spuds in the ground I always seem to leave some behind and then they grow where i dont want them to grow its a bit of a pain

17 Jul, 2010


Thanks for all the comments but I do know people who have been very successful growing potatoes this way.
I wil have to contact them and see if they can throw up any ideas.
I think that I might have been overfeeding them.
I have grown a lot of veggies inthe past but dont have the space now.
Just thought I would try as the system came from a very reputable company,
perhaps I should contact them.
Will keep you all informed of any answers

17 Jul, 2010


good thinking

18 Jul, 2010


Feeding potatoes will cause them to put on top growth not produce bigger tubers.

18 Jul, 2010

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