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Can someone tell me how worms get in my pots on my balcony? I seed all my own plants; I don’t think I’m picking them up from anywhere.



Birds' feet. It's the classic way for eggs/cocoons to be transfered to a new environment.

31 Mar, 2015


I like worms too. I was thinking about it today, I don’t know why. Thank you I know now.

31 Mar, 2015


Could they already be in the compost or plants you put in the pots?

31 Mar, 2015


My runner beans are ready to plant out; my tomatoes, peas, basil, coriander, beetroot, parsley, dill and dwarf French beans are coming along nicely. I’m not having much luck with chives; they don’t seem to be germinating I will keep trying. I did read that they take longer than most herb seeds to start to germinated. I’ve been thinking about having a little water feature on my balcony. My daughter bought me one for my birthday; it’s a floating solar pound pump. I can’t wait to get out there and get it setup. Charley’s back from his holiday, Charley is our new neighbour I did mention that charley asked me if I would help him to grow vegetable and herbs. I am going to show him how to sow seeds next week. The weathers been so nice I have got lots done on my balcony, Charley’s vegetable and herb plot is up, and ready to start planting.

19 Apr, 2015

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