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My recently planted cupressus macrocarpa goldcrest trees look as if they may be dying. They were a lovely bright green when I planted them about four weeks ago and they are now a duller green. They are planted in quite heavy clay soil but the ground is not waterlogged. Anyone know whether this is normal for recently planted conifers please?
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Couple of things - this particular plant is prone to dulling and slight browning from cold wind, so if yours are in a windy position, that could explain it. But the other, most obvious possible problem is water - have you been watering them copiously as often as they'd like, particularly if you've had little rain where you are?

5 Apr, 2015


Hi Bamboo
Thank you for your suggestions. Thinking about it, it has been very windy here lately so maybe it's that. It certainly isn't lack of water as I watered them in well and we've also had rain on several occasions since I planted them. Hopefully they will brighten up soon. Many thanks.

5 Apr, 2015

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