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I planted my forget-me-nots about two weeks ago from today. I put them by my window so they get sunlight, but it has been a bit cold out, and I know anything I keep by the window gets cold. It's been around 30-45 Fahrenheit. I've tried not to overwater the seeds either, but they don't seem to be coming up at all. Should I be worried or just keep watering them?



If you planted sends rather than plants just keep the compost barely damp, you might also want to move away from the window at night.

4 Apr, 2015


We are all suffering Lili. One year I waited and waited for Beetroot seed to germinate on my allotment. So sowed some more in between the other rows. As soon as the sun shone again they all came up together. It looked so funny I never forgot to be patient.

4 Apr, 2015


They shouldn't need much watering at all if they haven't germinated unless they are in a very warm room. They don't need to be in strong light until they have leaves but they self seed happily outdoors so be patient.

4 Apr, 2015

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