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Dahlias. I have never grown dahlias before and would like to try this year. Am I better off growing them in pots and is there a particular variety that is easier to grow? Any other do's and don'ts gratefully received.



You can buy the tubers at many outlets,and the choice is just depends what takes your fancy,as there are so many varieties..On the other hand,a packet of seeds of annual ones,with single flowers,attract bees etc..All ready to start off now..Mine had lots of flowers all summer,and made huge tubers ,so you can overwinter them,and start them again next year..I find pots are better,as you can keep a look out for slugs and snails..they love them ! do's and don'ts...full sun,keep up to the dead heading, well fed and watered..hope this helps,Amsterdam,and good luck..

5 Apr, 2015


Thank you bloomer. Have still got some gift vouchers to spend so will probably buy some tubers and give it a go. Is there anything in particular I should feed them? There is indeed a lot of choice!!

5 Apr, 2015


any decent plant food will do. I mix in slow release granules into the compost when I plant them up.
obviously keep them frost free as the frost will kill the shoots. They prefer good light too.
post pictures when they start flowering wont you?

5 Apr, 2015


I do the same as will be spoilt for choice,so give yourself plenty of time :o) The G.Centres are full of them just now..and yes,post photo's please...

5 Apr, 2015


Thanks guys. Will post photo's -watch this space! :)

5 Apr, 2015

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