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best weedkiller for large unplanted border



Annual weed, perennial weed, deep rooted or not (eg brambles, dandelions, Rosebay willowherb? How soon do you want to plant the border?

14 Apr, 2015


More info required, as Steragram suggests - if you don't want to do anything with the area for a year, cover it in thick black plastic, anchored down tightly. That'll kill off most things. Otherwise, need to know your plans for the area, and you may need more than one variety of weedkiller.

14 Apr, 2015


For me the best weedkiller is the garden fork and hoe..

14 Apr, 2015


Well, that's certainly the best and most effective way of dealing with 'em, Rogi - better for the environment and the soil, and weedkillers ain't what they used to be, the most effective ones have been withdrawn anyway because they were toxic in the environment.

14 Apr, 2015


I think its more to do with certain factions making bombs with the weed killer ingredients than the environment bamboo.
since when have the goverment been worried about the environment when there is money to be made.

14 Apr, 2015


Well our governments certainly couldn't give a monkey's about the environment and its toxicity (they wouldn't be encouraging deisel cars if they did), but the EU and WHO does - that's who bans these things.

And most have been withdrawn because of health problems caused in human beings, in reality - organo phosphates such as malathion being a prime example. To think we used to put it on our heads for head lice 30 years ago, yet it causes neurological damage and stays in the body.

14 Apr, 2015


When was malathion withdrawn?
What health problems did it cause?

15 Apr, 2015


Malathion was withdrawn around 5 years ago, can't recall quite when. The problems it causes are hinted at in my earlier comment - organo phosphates, once in the body, never leave, and cause neurological damage. I think there was a whole load of other stuff as well, can't remember, get one withdrawn product confused with another, there've been so many - look it up, there'll be stuff on line about damaging effects I'm sure. The RHS has a list of withdrawn and about to be withdrawn chemicals, though it gives no reasons why.

16 Apr, 2015


So malathion is safe to use on your hair and body yet some people in suits tell us you can't spray it on your plants. Ludicrous.

There is no evidence of neurological damage from head lice shampoos. It is till recommended by NICE as treatment.

So if it's safe to use in a more concentrated form on humans, why can't a weaker form be used on plants.

Ban the EU and WHO.

16 Apr, 2015

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