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I have these gladioli corms. When I read up on the Gladioli Society's website, it said I shouldn't pot them up until there are shoots coming from the base. But I have had them in the conservatory for more then a month and nothing is happening. Should I plant them now, or hang on?




I would just plant them :)

16 Apr, 2015


Thanks, I will!

16 Apr, 2015


Just drop them facing up in soil or 4-5 bulbs in a 8 inch diameter pot. The head needs to be a little bit above the ground. Don't overwater, just keep soil moist. These need average to full sun, and grow at least 4-5 feet tall before blooming, so they need support, stake them using some sticks when you sow, or else staking later will damage the roots.

16 Apr, 2015


I always bury my gladioli 3x the depth of the height of the corm. so about 3-4inches deep. never had a problem and they come back every year.

17 Apr, 2015


Many thanks for all the help. I think I'll put them in pots this year, and see how they do.

22 Apr, 2015

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