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This is the first year that I've seen these little bugs on one of our trees. We had the tree trimmed about 3 years ago to clean out the dead. These bugs are about the size of a flea and there are a lot of them. Any idea?




Hmm, well in shape and general appearance, they look not unlike ladybug larvae, but they're always variously coloured. Otherwise, a narrow pillbug, but I don't really know.

What variety of tree is it they're on, and is there any damage or peeling bark on the tree?

16 Apr, 2015


I was going to say ladybirds (or bugs) but those in the picture have antennae which they don't usually have.

16 Apr, 2015


Can I ask if they could be American woodlice?

16 Apr, 2015


how many pairs of legs? if 6 they are in the insect group and could be a type of thrip or Proturan .

if legs on every body segment they could be a type of woodlouse/pill louse. They come in a range of sizes.

17 Apr, 2015

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