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I have read that orchid flowers can change colour. I have one passed on to me from my late sisters which I swear was orange and it is now a dark pink. Has anyone else experienced this?



Yes, the typical 'supermarket' variety of phalaenopsis can revert to dark pink/purple. I've never bought a purple one but I currently have three of them (marked on the pots as yellow or white/yellow - the colour they were when purchased)

4 May, 2015


Drat. I have another one which is the same colour and I was hoping for something different. I have never bought one, just either inherited or been given them, not my choice as I don't like indoor plants. Thanks for your reply.

4 May, 2015


It doesn't always happen. I'm sure there are plenty of people who get them coming back the same colour. Mine may have reverted because they were kept for 3 years in the wrong conditions - at my mother's we had them in a south facing double glazed porch. then they lived for a long time in my dark office (where the temperature was liable to all sorts of fluctuations). they survived (lots of healthy leaves) but they didn't re-flower during that time. Now they're in my kitchen - the ones that come into bud are moved to a south-west-facing window sill, the others are out of direct sunlight. I have a big, East facing window but I think that room might be too drafty (100 year old windows)

4 May, 2015

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