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Dahlia Happy Days Red Cherry. Is this a bedding plant or a perennial? Also would like to plant it in a container and don't know what is does and does not like? Any suggestions would be great.



Hi, the happy days series can be grown in beds and borders, and are well suited to containers, all dahlia's are perennial, and produce tubers, but so called 'bedding Dahlia's are usually grown from seed each year, and treated as annuals, although the tubers produced in the first year will be quite small, they can be overwintered frost free, and started into growth at the same time as the decorative Dahlia's, Derek.

26 May, 2015


Thanks Derek. Have previously avoided Dahlia's but would now like to grow them. Are they prone to slugs?

26 May, 2015


Hi, slugs love Dahlia's, so I would putsome pellets down as you plant them, Derek.

27 May, 2015

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