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I am growing tomatoes, and have 4 in the greenhouse and 4 outside, how many trusses should they go to on each set. there are 2 GD, I m.maker and 1 sungold in each place, both lots have about 4 trusses already with some small tomatoes setting.



I let mine almost reach the glass and then remove the tops I suppose the amount of trusses depends on the distance between them.
Out side I stop a lot sooner as I normally end up having to pick them green and letting them ripen off the plants and towards the end of the season I find the don't ripen so well.

9 Jun, 2015


I stop mine at 4 - find you get better fruit

9 Jun, 2015


I'm currently growing GD myself outdoors. 2 trusses are setting with 4th truss visible.

The main factors are as ever temperature and light conditions. With a decent summer grown in direct sunlight for at least half a day, I'd grow to 5 trusses indoors and 4 outdoors. If you intend to harvest until October perhaps add one more truss to develop, particularly if we get an Indian summer.

9 Jun, 2015


I leave mine until they run out of growing space as well, I think its a case of personal choice, I guess its different if one wants the perfect size, shape and taste to enter into a show....

9 Jun, 2015


Thanks for your replies, I can see stopping them sooner outside, depending on the weather.

9 Jun, 2015

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