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We have a Peony tree which has flowered beautifully this year and last. We now have seed pods and we would like to know how to use them to grow other Peony trees please.

We also had Peony plants in pot for some years but they never any flowered. Can anyone advise please.



I tried to grow some seeds from my tree after they had over wintered outside on a windowsill but nothing happened. I dug one up - nothing doing.

9 Jun, 2015


I think peonies need to be planted quite deeply if you want them to flower.

9 Jun, 2015


Yes peonies do, trees don't.

9 Jun, 2015


Do you mean tree paeonies, or something else? Many of the spectacular ones are grafted because their own stems are too weak to support the large flowers. Only species tree paeonies are really worth growing from seed. The seeds take a long time to show, often into the second year after sowing.
Herbaceous paeonies in pots need a lot of feeding if they are to flower, they are much better in the ground.

9 Jun, 2015


Thank you for your replies.

10 Jun, 2015

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