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how do i kill tree roots



Busker, is this an old stump you want to kill, or roots invading a planting bed (or sewer)? Or something else?

22 Jul, 2010


eagerly await any answers as funnily enough was going to ask how to kill an old stump

22 Jul, 2010


Tree Stump Killer will do the job, takes a while though. :o))
Just go to Google and put in Tree Stump Killer :o))))

22 Jul, 2010


I haven't got the energy to type it all here - please read my blog on Tree Stump treatments - find it by clicking on my avatar, selecting blogs from my page, and pick the right one, think its near the bottom, of the page. Contains explicit instructions!

23 Jul, 2010


Have seen your response under my blog - there is a way to deal with the situation, but it won't be easy. You need to establish where the main roots or suckers are which are producing growth - I know they're under the lawn, but let any growth carry on for a little while. Then in September or October, peel back the turf from where the growth is appearing to expose the root (you may have to cut and lift the turf off and spread out, grass side up, somewhere), carry out treatment as described in the blog, cover the holes with plastic sheeting. Now you've got two choices - either leave them exposed for six weeks, or till the following spring, and either replace with bits of turf, or add topsoil and grass seed. This is the only way to deal with the problem.

24 Jul, 2010

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