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Lavender Munstead repotted

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Lavender Munstead. Have been given some plug plants and wanted to pot them up. I know they like lots of grit mixed in with soil but what type of soil to use? Is multi purpose too rich? Also how many do I put in a pot? Any advice great fully received.

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Multi purpose won't be too rich, but a bit of John Innes No. 2 or 3 mixed in, would be useful - its much more free draining than multi purpose.

However, each of those pots will eventually only take one plant, and you can't plant straight into those pots because they're too large for the small rootballs you've got there. You need to pot each plant up into pots that are a no more than twice the size of the current rootball, then, when they've grown on and filled the pots with roots, transplant them. You may need to pot them on again before choosing which two plants to put into the larger pots you've got there as well, depending on the size of pot you use now.

Lavenders tend to grow in a rounded shape - if you plant two in one pot, each will be constricted where it touches the other in terms of the topgrowth.

13 Jul, 2015


Thank you Bamboo. Will transplant them into slighter larger pots. Will they flower next summer?

13 Jul, 2015


They might flower in late autumn this year, if the weather's not too cold, but definitely next year, yes.

14 Jul, 2015


Thank you Bamboo.

14 Jul, 2015


Bamboo- have potted up lavender plug plants as per your suggestion.

18 Jul, 2015


They look cute! They should grow on quite quickly...

18 Jul, 2015

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