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What's wrong? Geum has got some kind of mould on it and streptocarpos' leaves have been bleached? Help! Any suggestions how to nurse these back to health would be welcome! Sorry- just realised put pictures wrong way round in relation to questions. Oops!

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Looks like mildew on the Geum - spray it with a solution of 1 part cows milk to 9 parts water. As for the Streptocarpus, looks like sun damage or sunburn more than anything, but I don't know if that fits the picture, not knowing where its been kept. Its otherwise healthy, the new growth looks normal.

30 Jul, 2015


When watering stretocarpus try not to get water on the leaves as that might scorching when in the sun

30 Jul, 2015


Kaiglen- it sits on a partly sunny window sill and I think it was scorched outside when I popped it outside whilst cleaning windowsill. Oops think I left it out a while... As Bamboo suggested think it got sunburn.... Would it be best to water by means of putting it in a shallow tray of water soaking it up through the roots?

30 Jul, 2015


That's a more tropical species of Streptocarpus than most, and cold water (< 27 deg. C) on the leaveswill leave bleached spots, like its relative, African Violet.

31 Jul, 2015

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