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Plant ID please. I've grown from seed and I cannot remember what they are.



Erigeron karrvinskianus, or Santa Barbara daisy. I've got them all the way down the side of my house, self seeded in every nook and cranny but they are easy enough to pull out. Very pretty.

14 Aug, 2015


Hello Cammomile - thank you so much for identifying for me. I didnt have a clue, a friend must have given me the seed. It sounds like they are going to be useful plants. How tall do your's grow? Just so I have an idea of where to plant them. Thank you

14 Aug, 2015


I've just taken three more pictures of mine if you'd like to take a look. They don't grow tall but trail and look great over walls and in tubs.

14 Aug, 2015


Perfect. I appreciate your help. Off to look at your pictures now, thanks.

14 Aug, 2015

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