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And another question, 2 years ago I bought a tropaeolum speciosum, which I planted up in a pot (it came as a little root cutting) it took a full year before I saw any signs of growth and I even got 3 little flowers on it, it was about 3 inches high, this year it really took hold and I transplanted it to a bigger pot and whilst there is a lot of green growth I didnt get any flowers - any suggestions/advice would be very welcome. See photo




I'm not sure that it will be happy in what looks like a shallow pot. It is a climber/scrambler that will want to get to over 10ft in height and is best grown through a hedge.

12 Sep, 2015


It should be planted in the ground in front of large shrubs or a hedge as Urbanite suggests. It is a bulbous plant that dies down in winter but is till in strong growth now. This means that you should not be trimming the hedge or shrubs untill later in the year.

12 Sep, 2015


Hi guys thanks for the replies - do you think is it too late in the year now for me to put it in the ground?

12 Sep, 2015


No, it is too early Geraldine. Let it die back then put it in the ground. October or even November, or even next spring before it comes into growth again.

12 Sep, 2015

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