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When and how to divide globe thistle. Mine have grown 2 metres high and need lifting. Thanks



I presume you mean it is also known as Globe Thistle? The foliage will die back anyway,but you can remove the seed heads,before they shed them,if you don't want them to seed anywhere else.,Prune it back to the ground,,and divide it now..It's the nature of the plant to grow to a good height..and you may still find a few strays sprouting somewhere else in spring..the seed heads drop like confetti when you touch them,so hold a bucket underneath when taking them off :o)

26 Sep, 2015


Thanks Bloomer. Good to know that I can split the pruned clump and replant. I will have to pot some up as will have too many once divided. Your bucket idea is a good suggestion, thanks. :)

27 Sep, 2015


It's a good gap filler,Amsterdam..good luck with the bucket..I bet you miss some :o) you will soon know next year.! In fact,your divided clumps might start growing again,if it stays mild..but once the frost hits them,that's it till spring..

27 Sep, 2015

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