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ive just finished the last of my beetroot and I noticed amongst them there are some white ones which ive never noticed before. They look a bit like turnips and im wondering if I can eat them or throw them on the compost? Boltardy were the seeds I planted.

Ted Lunt



Compost it. Why take a chance on giving yourself a stomach ache. Unless you post a photo of it any answer would be a educated guess.

27 Sep, 2015


There are white beetroot and yellow forms too. We rather like the white one, it is much sweeter than the standard red.
A picture would help confirm if they are beets.

27 Sep, 2015


We have a standard in my house - "If in doubt, throw it out."

27 Sep, 2015


My standard too Bathgate with three exceptions... Anything that is in the garage, attic and basement.

27 Sep, 2015



27 Sep, 2015


There are white beetroot. I'd eat them. If they don't taste like beetroot - and nothing else does - you'll soon notice.

27 Sep, 2015

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