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Can anybody identify these berries growing on a tree in my new garden?? Can't find them in my ref. books




Check your previous question. You have three answers.

27 Sep, 2015


This looks like Sorbus cashmeriana. I have it in my garden, we call it "plant a tree in 93" which was when it was planted as you may have guessed. The birds love the berries and I find lots of seedlings underneath it. Even got a couple growing as bonsai but only had leaves after about 8 or 10 years.
It's nice when the leaves fall and you're left with the berries, until the birds come that is.

27 Sep, 2015


S. cashmeriana has pink berries in my garden.

27 Sep, 2015


Cashmeriana is a variety of rowan that has white berries.
Landgirl are you sure yours isn't hupehensis?

27 Sep, 2015


It is S. cashmeriana, there are several different cultivars and mine is a pink one. It's a lovely, graceful small tree, one of my favourites. Must take a photo!

27 Sep, 2015


There is one called Sorbus cashmiriana 'Rosiness' with pink berries Steragram. Similar to hupehensis in photos.
They're all nice in the dark winter days.

27 Sep, 2015


Yes, all lovely. Must confess I still love the originals though.

28 Sep, 2015

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