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By Myouse

Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Last year I had a beautiful display of giant alliums but this year none. When I was in hospital in March, a kind friend dead headed my tulips and mistook the new shoots on the alliums for tulips and loped off the lot. Will they grow again next year or have I lost them for good?



Did you get any leaves growing at all?
If not then you should get growth next year, but not flowers. Having said that, they are pretty resilient and they may flower, just a bit smaller than normal.

9 Oct, 2015


yes, if the parts they cut off were the leaves, not allowing those to grow, then you may not get flowers next year, as Owdboggy says. The leaves are the factory for making food for the bulb to enable next year's flowering. However, depending on the variety and what time of year they were cut back, the leaves may have been present long enough - only time will tell.

9 Oct, 2015


Allium leaves should have come up long before the tulips were done blooming, and the flower buds wouldn't look like any part of a tulip. That said, if the flower buds were what was removed, they should be back next year, bigger and better.

13 Oct, 2015

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