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A friend has been deliberately poisoned by the Indian bean tree. He is extremely ill. Do you know of antidote that can save his life.



Look forward to your help. Thank you

13 Oct, 2015


First of all why wouldn't you take the person who was poisoned to the hospital rather than type your question on this site? Secondly this response was given in September 2010 by Thepoisongarden on this site: The 1911 'A Manual of Poisonous Plants' says that the smell of the flowers is poisonous and that handling them can cause a skin irritation. Millspaugh, however, says that this is false but does say it has a 'nauseous taste'. It is not mentioned by Kew Gardens/St Thomas's nor is it listed in the 'International Poisonous Plants Checklist' published in 2008.

Wink and Van-Wyk, however, in 'Mind-altering and Poisonous Plants of the World', also 2008, say that 'substantial ingestion' of the fruits induces 'disturbance of GI tract and CNS'. They classify it as Class II 'moderately hazardous' but don't provide any detail as they do with other, better-known hazardous plants.

Overall, it sounds like one of those where you shouldn't sit down to a feast but you needn't get worried if someone has nibbled one or two.

13 Oct, 2015


If he/she is in the state you claim then they are already in hospital and being treated... As Cammomile states we can't give advice on antidotes, we are gardeners- nothing more!

13 Oct, 2015


Information quoted regarding the Indian Bean Tree refers to the plant Catalpa bignonioides. If you mean any other plant by the common name Indian Bean Tree, it may not be relevant.

14 Oct, 2015


The poisonee could be expired by now!

14 Oct, 2015

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