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west sussex, United Kingdom

Could you please tell me if the newly chopped down stump 5" tall, of a Stag Horn Schumec is likely to re-grow? Hopefully not!



Yes, it is likely to regrow, and even if the main stump doesn't, you'll find zillions of suckers popping up nearby forming new trees. You need to poison the stump with a brushwood killer such as SBK by drilling into it, all round the edges, and filling up the little wells you've made with neat SBK, and then cover with something. This treatment probably won't prevent sucker growth though - it might have done if the stump had been taken right down to the ground. In this case, the best course is to have the stump and roots ground out down to 18 inches. I know you didn't want to hear this, sorry...

20 Nov, 2015


Thanks Bamboo. It's not actually mine but a relatives. It got blown down and belonged to a neighbour who is in a housing association house next door. Unfortunately he came home before they could get at it and take it right down. I did say it would probably keep going. They also suffer from the suckers! At least they didn't get arrested for trespass!!

20 Nov, 2015


The way sumacs acted in Flagstaff, AZ, I wouldn't expect grinding the stump to stop suckers, either. SBK is the best bet, properly applied, but only within a few days of cutting the tree down.

21 Nov, 2015


Cammomile honestly I have tried very hard since Friday to resist asking - you did mean five feet tall and not five inches???

22 Nov, 2015


No the stump is 5" tall Stera by 1ft. across.

22 Nov, 2015

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