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Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Would like advice on a good variety of outdoor grape vine, has to be quite hardy though. Red or white. I may have to grow in a big pot against my pergola, if they are OK in pots. Thank you.



Esther, Phoenix, Fragola (Strawberry Red) are a couple worth looking out for. There are others that could be added of course.

They all need as warm a spot as possible, preferably against a south/south west wall. The above three ripen fruit satisfactorily in our climate even on a pergola as long as in sun. They are bone hardy (like all grapes), it's just are summers are not long and warm enough for many others to ripen the fruit and sweeten up.

30 Jul, 2010


We have a Pinot Noire (London area). Even last year, which was wet and dreary, it ripened the grapes really well. It takes well into the autumn. the only trouble is the starlings have their share. They know just when the grapes are edible or fit to make wine and they pile in. Our vine is 30 foot long with a trunk as thick as your leg...... so not in a pot DS. We don't feed it or water it and it grows really well on a SW aspect. It provides welcome shade, helps with privacy and fruit in season.

31 Jul, 2010


Thank you Fractal and Dorjac for your sound advice, I'll do a bit of googling. I can grow them against a south facing fence and I think I'll remove some slabs under the pergola so that I can set in the ground. Thanks again.

31 Jul, 2010

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