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Could someone help me with an ID please


By Alanb

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone help me identify this shrub please. It has very attractive clumps of very small lilac berries at this time of year. Thank you.




It's a Callicarpa, sometimes known as Beautyberry.

3 Dec, 2015


Thank you Landgirl100. I saw it at our daughters yesterday and thought how pretty the berries were. Not surprised they call it Beautyberry.

4 Dec, 2015


It has been used to produce wine also has been used as a folk remedy to prevent mosquito bites.

4 Dec, 2015


Thanks Jackie ... Interesting to note the mosquito deterent. We live on the Wirral near marshes and consequently we do get a few mosquitos.

4 Dec, 2015


You get a better crop of berries with more than one plant.

4 Dec, 2015


Found this on the web... Hope you find it interesting :o))

Cantrell says toxicity testing is needed to evaluate the safety of applying potent beautyberry compounds to human skin. “Plants containing these compounds have long been used as folk remedies with no ill effects that we know of, so I would not anticipate any harmful effects when plants are used in the traditional way,” he says. Fresh green leaves, crushed and rubbed on people or pets, often repel insects for a couple of hours.

6 Dec, 2015


Hi Andrew and Jackie, many thanks. I was quite amazed when I saw these berries, like little beads off a necklace.

6 Dec, 2015

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