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What are the magpies doing to the lawn?
For the last couple of days, two magpies have been pecking away at our lawn. The lawn is not our pride and joy, being full of moss, and it seems that is what they are pulling out. This is very useful, as it is aerating the lawn beautifully! They are working on just one area, about four metres square. They don't seem to be pulling up worms, thought they do appear to be eating occasionally. They don't take the moss away, so it wouldn't appear to be for nesting material.



It probably means you've got leatherjackets under the turf and they're trying to get at the grubs. You can check whether its that or not by making sure the turf is wet in that area (it probably is, currently) and laying a piece of plastic over the top one evening - lift it in the morning to see if there's grubs on top of the turf. This works best when its not too cold though... treatment involves improving drainage (yes, lawn maintenance I'm afraid) and there is a nematode treatment for it, but there'll be times of year to use that, and it may not be now, not sure. Google nemesys and look for the treatment for leatherjackets...

6 Mar, 2016


Yuck! Yes, that was what I thought too. Although its usually flocks of Starlings. But perhaps the Magpies got there first! I believe They are the larvae of Harvestmen/Daddylonglegs which is an insect I really detest. They always seem to fly towards my face and they really freak me out. :(

6 Mar, 2016


Daddy Longlegs are relatives of spiders, and don't have larvae--they grow from baby Daddies to big old "Granddaddies" (actually the females)....Oops! I did some belated research, and find out that in the UK, "Daddy Longlegs" is also a name for what I know of as "Craneflies". I agree, Karen! I saw some near Showlow, AZ, and they look like mosquitoes the size of Sikorski Skyhooks!!

7 Mar, 2016


Thats right Tug...they do!

7 Mar, 2016


Interesting Tug, I've never heard Craneflies called that.
Daddy long legs to us are those that look just like a small berry with long legs.

Noticed today that our lawn is full of little beak holes - something's been digging for something and they are welcome to it if it's leatherjackets.

7 Mar, 2016

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