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I have bought a new pyrostegia Venusta, and have planted it in the soil recommend by the garden centre, bought the
Correct plant food also recommend. It had lovely orange
Flowers and appeared to be in good health. (I live in Spain , Murcia region) This is how it looks now no leaves no flowers ,what am I doing wrong? Lynda Black




Its hard to tell properly from the pic, but it looks as if you've planted it in a pot, and not a very big pot at that, possibly with other plants? Is that the case? And I'm assuming you mean the taller, woody looking plant with leaves on top - if that's the Pyrostegia, its certainly not dead. But if it is in a pot, or has very restricted root room, that's the problem; this plant is a very vigorous, woody climber, and its not got any root room to produce topgrowth from... needs to be in the ground. If its not in a pot, this answer doesn't apply.

1 Apr, 2016


What kind of soil did they recommend, Bubbles? Something that translates to "potting soil", "soil conditioner", "top soil", or "planting mix"? Did they know that you were going to put it in a container? Did you apply the fertilizer according to directions, and often enough? What type of fertilizer is it--i.e., soluable powder, granule, or timed release? I'll admit that I am not seeing nutrient deficiencies on the plants planted with it--which may mean that they are stealing all the nutrients.
In your climate, I wouldn't expect much new growth or blooms now, but it should still be leafier than it is.

2 Apr, 2016

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