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By Nite

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a skimmia Olympic flame,bought from my local garden centre last september,when do the berry at the moment all their seems to be is small tiny flowers coming.Do these then turn to berries,forgive my ignorance.



Your ignorance doesn't require forgiveness, Nite, we can't all know everything all the time, for sure!

Skimmia are divided between male and female plants (with one exception - S. reevesiana is self fertile, but still does berry better with a male nearby) so you need both in order to get berries. S. 'Olympic Flame' is female, so it can produce berries, but it will need a male plant nearby for fertilisation purposes. You might be lucky, maybe there's a male plant in next door's garden or nearby, otherwise, I'm afraid you'll have to buy a male plant such as Skimmia japonica 'Rubella', though there are others. Male plants do flower, but don't produce berries. Once flowers are fertilised on a female plant, berries form towards autumn.

1 Apr, 2016


OH dear will have to purchase a male then,would not have bothered if i had known,will ask the question next time.Thank you for your for the answer.

1 Apr, 2016


Check out Skimmia Kew Green, its male and has greenish white, scented flowers. Tolerates sun quite well, that particular variety.

1 Apr, 2016


I have noticed 2 doors up from me has a skimmia with berries on, would that be near enough for pollination do you think.

2 Apr, 2016


Silly me if it has berries,its female so no good.

2 Apr, 2016


There you go! But, if its got berries, unless its a hermaphrodite (meaning it can probably fertilise itself) that might mean there's a male nearby somewhere anyway, which maybe you're not noticing because its not in flower/hasn't got berries. Maybe you could check the leaves of nearby plants, see if they're similar to Skimmia...

2 Apr, 2016


The male ones are still attractive though - pink flower buds all winter and when the flowers open they smell very nice. You could have one in a pot and just move it near the female at flowering time if you haven't got room for it in the ground. They can live in a pot for a number of years.

2 Apr, 2016


Thank for all your replies.

8 Apr, 2016

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