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Can anyone name this primula please. I bought four pots @ 50p each from outside a local charity shop yesterday. The handwritten sign said Primrose Fried Egg. The flowers are small but very pretty. They're ready for a tidy up then I'll plant them but if anyone has a name I'd be grateful.




I don't think this is an individually named variety - Thompson and Morgan does a mix of Primulas called 'Alaska Improved Mix' and 'Autumn Mix' which includes one that looks like this. The petals in your picture look white and orange - if they're actually cream and orange, they're likely Primula vulgaris. Otherwise, there's a Polyanthus variety called 'Stella Snow White', but the stems on the flowers in your pic don't look long enough to be Polyanthus.

6 Apr, 2016


Thanks Bamboo. The picture was from above so I have taken this one for you to see stems better. I think the ladies in the shop must have named them theirselves.
Does this make it a Polyanthus then?

6 Apr, 2016


Polyanthus typically have a longer flower stem with a 'crown' of flowers on top, just above the foliage rather than nestled into the foliage, as is the case with Primula/Primrose - its quite hard to say whether this is a Polyanthus, but given the lack of distance between the upper parts of the leaves and the flowers, I'd say not.

6 Apr, 2016

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